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Tracy C. North
Tracy is a relationship & family coach with 
5 children and 3 grandchildren. She is passionate about serving couples seeking a deeper, more intimate relationship and overcome the difficulties that pop up. She deeply understands the struggles that can come up in in any relationship.
My marriage was filled with monotony and absolutely no passion. After 10 years of feeling alone and unwanted, I decided it was time to figure out what I could do, if anything to make things better. And do it without asking my husband to change.

The longer we were together, the further apart we drifted until I forgot why I married him. I either had to do something to try to make the marriage better or decide if I was willing to live this way for the rest of my life. Since we had children it was difficult for me to think about ending our marriage. I still loved my husband very much. 

How could I bring some passion back into my marriage and feel close with my husband again? I decided I would do some extensive research on what really works.  I read books, took courses, got counseling, tried every guru I could afford.

After trying almost everything I found what really works, that magic bullet you might say. You don't have to do all the years of  searching & the trial and error I did. Simply download the The #1 Secret to Deeper Intimacy and Greater Passion in Your Marriage today!
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